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Merry Christmas Fun

Very Merry Christmas Light Show
Exotic Seasonal Dish - "Santa Toad's Wild Rice Ride"
Remaking the Doo Wop at Christmas - Many Thanks to Rosalie
Move to the North Pole for Fun with Santa, Mrs. Claus & the Elves
Evoking the 5th - Mens Gifts Rejected AGAIN ! . . . Thanks Again Mike!
Romantic ... A One Horse Open Sleigh Ride
Remember Your 1st Mistletoe Experience?
You Just Got to believe . . . Is Santa Claus Real?
Christmas Band - The Santa's - Turn up your Sound!
Holiday with the Perfect Couple - Turn up your Sound!
Reindeer & Elves - 12 Days of Christmas - A JibJab Favorite
IT'S FLU SEASON - Honorable Mention by Tracy, Vallejo, CA
Season's Greetings! - Honorable Mention by Rani, Aurora, CO
The Christmas Story . . . . . The Reason for the Season
Merry Christmas - Turn up your Sound!
All the other Reindeers Used to call him names! - Turn up your Sound!
Santa Claus Sings - A JibJab Favorite

More Seasonal Favorites

Auto Insurance Jokes

Home Insurance Jokes

Business Jokes

Life, Health & Retirement Jokes

A way to measure that it's Later Than You Think !
Health Report - Cancer Update is NO JOKE!
A Rock -N- Roll Revival - Hon Mention by Steve, Cordelia
Latest Calcs for Yuppies Retiring - Honorable Mention by Jeff, Manteca, CA
The Boomers Theme Song
Youthful Philosophy for Old Age - Hon. Mention by Glen Cove Mike
Retired at 170mph - Honorable Mention by Kurt, Spokane, WA
The Mid-Life Lady . . . . . . . It all Started with a HOT 25 yr old Blonde !
It's all in your Mind! . . . You're Really Younger than you think.
Retiring Farmer . . . . Savings after Retirement
Evolving around the "Wheels of Life" - Honorable Mention by the "Scamp"
Darlings at their Best! - Honorable Mention by Lanny, Pinole, CA
Living Longer - Women or Men?
Insured? Guess Again! Oh No! - Honorable Mention by Dent
Feeling Old? Do you Remember....
Exiting CBS - Now Watching Katie Couric - Hon Mention to Glen Cove Mike

Fun & Games

Golf Jokes

Battle of the Sexes

Bad Lawyer Jokes

Law Offices of Sharkey Rogue & Khan
A Problem at the Zoo
You're Forgiven My Son! - Honable Mention by Jerry, Pinole, CA
Engineering Improvements in Hell

Political Jokes

Computers, People, Places & Things

Cats . . . A Fond Wake Up Call to Remember!
On her DEATH bed . . .
MOMENTS - Thanks Again to Glen Cove Mike
PaaLEE-EEEEZ . . . . . Mind the Words Used by Women
Things that make you say "DAMN!" - Hon. Mention by Jeff, Manteca, CA
Remarkable "Interviews" by Jay Leno
So, You're having a Bad Day? Celebrate NOT being in these shoes!
Pregnancy, Estrogen, and Women
Evolution - What Nationality were Adam & Eve?
Life with Computers - Honorable Mention by Joe, Manchester, CT
Phantastic Fotos from around the World ! - Many Thanks to Dent
Lost Puppy - "Have you seen my Chihuahua?"
Ask me When & Where - JukeBox - MUSIC Favorites 1953 - 1982
Cross the River - Test your Skill & IQ - Hon. Mention by Mike, Glen Cove
Evolving Wonderous GALAXY . . . A Great Animated Show
Says . . . Andy Rooney on "Older Chicks"
Health Alert - BIRD FLU - Honorable Mention by Daddy's Big Girl
I Believe in Magic - Honorable Mention by Dent
Great Commercial . . . . . Makes you think a little!
SONS - The JOYS of Having the Little Hooligans!

More to Come ! . . . . . . Keep Checking with us !

Sooo... why don't you have some FUN !

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